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Numerical Simulation of High Temperature and High Pressure Large Size Metal Seat Ball Valve

June 11, 2018

                                                                                                                                 Author: SINOVAL

Abstract: The Valve is widely used in all major areas of the national economy, such as energy, petrifaction, metallurgy, electric power, equipment, machinery, pipelines and other industries. And it’s also one of the key equipment in fixed assets. SINOVAL applies Ansys as computer-aided numerical simulation and analysis for high-pressure and high-temperature metal seat ball valves in large-size oil pipelines to provide references for the improvement design of valve product.



Figure 1 Overall outline of the ball valve

Fig. 2 Distribution of strain force at room temperature and high pressure

1. Overview 

The valve is one of the key equipments of the fluid control system and is generally applied to the liquid or gaseous fluid control environment. Therefore, the valve is widely used in various industrial subdivision fields of designing fluid control. At present, the main valve applications include: oil, gas, electricity, chemicals, tap water and sewage treatment, paper, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food, mining, non-ferrous metals, electronics and other industries. Among them, the fields of oil and natural gas, energy, electricity and chemical industry are the most important application fields of valves. 

With the continuous development of science and technology, the valve product market is also developing toward high-tech, high parameters, resistance to corrosion, and long life. According to domestic and foreign valve technology and market demand, the high-tech development trend and investment direction of the domestic valve industry in recent years can be analyzed. 

As the key development of the valve industry will be used in the oil pipeline, this paper takes the case of the related technical problems of strength and expansion deformation of the components of the ball valve in oil pipeline during long-term continuous operation. The Ansys was used to carry out computer-aided numerical simulation and analysis of the high temperature and high-pressure large-size metal seat ball valve in the oil pipeline, providing references for the improved design of valve product. 

2. Computer-aided design calculation and analysis of high temperature and high-pressure large size metal seat ball valve 

2.1 Valve parameters

Drive form: electric.

Leakage according to D level of ISO 5208-2008 “Industrial valve and metal valve pressure test” 

The material of main components:

high temperature, high strength stainless steel S32590, density  7.88kg/m3, Young’s modulus   206GPa, Poisson’s ratio 0.3, thermal expansion coefficient 18. 

Ball valve performance indicators:

working temperature 610 °C, working medium for gas, hydrocarbons, working pressure 8.25MPa, normal temperature strength test pressure 37.5MPa, medium for water. 

2.2 Modeling with Soildworks

As shown in Fig. 1, the design plan of the high-temperature high-pressure large-size metal hard-tight seat ball valve developed for SINOVAL oil pipelines. 

2.3 Ansys Calculation of ball valve

The ball valve as a whole at room temperature and high-pressure sealing test, the test pressure is 37.5MPa. Use Ansys software to handle the ball valve as a whole. First, the mesh is divided, Ansys meshing is opened to mesh the ball valve, and then it is fixed. In Support operation, seat support is selected to fix the ball valve seat base. Add 37.5 MPa pressure inside the ball valve. Finally, under the Static Structural Solution, select the Equivalent Elastic Strain, as shown in Figure 2, to get the strain distribution through Solve button.

The maximum deformation occurs on the side valve body with a maximum deformation of 3.7354 x 10-3 mm and a maximum pressure of 733.11 MPa. 

3 Conclusion 

Through the numerical simulation of the overall ball valve,  the following conclusions can be obtained: 

(1) Due to the high temperature inside the sphere, its internal force is not uniform, although it has a certain deformation, it can still meet the requirements for material usage and designing. 

(2) Calculation analysis shows that the effect of operating temperature conditions on the material deformation is greater than the effect of operating pressure on the material deformation. When the design is improved, the material whose temperature affects the material less than the pressure can be selected. 

(3) The calculation and analysis of the high temperature and high-pressure ball valve in the oil pipeline verified that the valve can last long-term operation under high temperature and high pressure, and its safety and reliability can be fully guaranteed.

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