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High Temperature Ball Valve Test Device

June 25, 2018

1 Overview

With the rapid development of the chemical industry, the demand for industrial valves in chemical systems has also increased dramatically. Ball valve with its full diameter, low flow resistance, fast switching, reliable sealing performance, suitable for multi-phase flow medium and many other features have been widely used. High temperature ball valves are also used in chemical devices, such as high-temperature oxygen ball valves, fly ash ball valves and high-temperature slag discharge valves in coal chemical industry, and high-temperature catalyst ball valves and high-temperature anti-coke ball valves for petroleum refining. The working conditions of the high-temperature ball valve are harsh and the operation technology is difficult. Failures may cause system shutdown or environmental pollution, and may even endanger personal safety. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the valve during the normal use cycle, its high-temperature test is particularly important. 

2 Test Requirements

Product testing can not only predict and analyze the problems in the use of valves, but also improve the development schedule of valves, reduce the trouble of on-time maintenance, disassembly and replacement of valves, and avoid the economic losses in the use.

Taking the valve of the S-ZROB continuous reforming unit in the oil refining process as an example, the high-temperature test process of the ball valve is analyzed. The S-ZROB continuous reformer mainly achieves oil purification, in which the working conditions of the reforming catalyst station are very harsh, the operating pressure is 4.26 MPa, the operating temperature is 427°C, the flow medium is a high hardness adsorbent, and the operating frequency is 3 times /h. The valve has a high operating temperature, and the requirements for seal and motion accuracy are very strict. Whether it satisfies the requirements of the customer in a high-temperature environment requires the verification and support of sufficient theoretical and experimental data.

High-temperature ball valve test to complete the valve sealing performance and action conditions with high-temperature data collection, ball valve should be no fault operation life of 200,000 times, and the sealing performance long-term meet ANSI FCI/70-2VI level requirements. 

3 Test Device

The high-temperature valve test device consists of a power section, a heating section, an electro-pneumatic control section, a cooling section, and a medium recovery section (Figure 1). In order to adapt to the test conditions, higher requirements are imposed on the device performance.

(1) It is possible to heat a solid or other viscous medium and transport it through a certain amount of gas to achieve reuse of the medium.

(2) Temperature controllable. The temperature in the piping system can be monitored and adjusted in sections.

(3) There is a setting for the detection of leakage of the valve under test.

(4) There are corresponding gas pressure and heating process.

(5) Electro-pneumatic circuits capable of remote automatic control shall be provided for the valves required for the measured and other system operations.

(6) There should be a media cooling and recovery system.


Figure 1 Ball valve high temperature device


4 Test Results

Through the application of valve high-temperature test equipment for a variety of specifications of electric high temperature ball valve sealing and performance testing (Table 1), gradually accumulate and sort out the difficulties and key points in the design and manufacturing process of high temperature ball valve, after many technical improvements and program adjustments , Ball valve can basically meet customer requirements.

Table 1 Ball Valve High-Temperature Test Record


5 Conclusion

The high-temperature test device is used to test the action and sealing performance of the ball valve at high temperature, so that some problems during future operation that cannot be calculated and estimated can be exposed at the product development phase, and can be improved and resolved. This can greatly shorten the product development cycle, while also avoiding the direct or indirect economic losses that may be caused by the valve failure during the operating process, and increased economic efficiency.

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