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High Performance of Sinov Cryogenic Ball Valve

November 28, 2017

Due to the rising demand of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) nationally and internationally as well as the boost in Ultra High Purity cryo systems for the semiconductor marketplace, our cryogenic ball valves obtained much more orders this year. We collaborate with several renowned industrial gas manufacturers worldwide
Sino Valve (SINOV) cryogenic ball valve has a three (3) pieces valve body degreases valve components and eliminated Contamination in circuits. The cleaning eliminates grease, oil, Maintain cleanliness of the valve or valve components, it’s individually Bagged, labeled and recorded to guarantee. Food Processing, gas Separation plants, Aerospace and Petrochemical plants are just a few sectors. The SINOV Cryo valve is able to control to isolate and divert gaseous and liquid media for transport, storage, terminal or process piping facilities and flexible in design.
Extended bonnet at a construction, double stem seal. The extension varies in size from 6″ (150mm) to some client specified length as well as the stem is made up of live-loaded stem assembly with packaging at the bottom of the bonnet and the very top where the handle lies. It is the “double stem seal” technologies for cryogenic service which divides us from our opponents. The 316SS stem has an Anti-Static (grounded) attribute to overcome any electrical charge of non-grounded equipment and maintain solid contact with the valve body in any way times because of it being spring loaded. The bonnet has an ISO 5211 bracket pad for regulating and on/off applications for automation by means of manual, pneumatic or electric actuation.
The SINOV Cryogenic ball valve is superior in design because of the Paint, organic or inorganic contaminates, particulates. Furthermore, to Upon request, SINOV offers “Oxygen cleaning” to wash and The SINOV cryogenic Which allows care to be performed on the chairs, seals and ball although the end caps are still in-line. The ball is due to vented relief on the side of circulation to get rid of pressure build-up in the ball cavity due to thermal expansion. Anti-vibration washers are supplied to control contraction and expansion movement due to temperature variations and thus keep bolt tightness, thus preventing possible leakage. The valve body construction is made of cast 316 stainless steel (CF8M) and also we offer stress ranges of ASME course 150 through 600 with any end link design for specialty or standard type request, as an instance, tube link is offered. Ordinarily the valve is offered with socket weld, butt weld, NPT, BSP and bottom tank pad end designs.

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