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Choose Metal Seat Ball Valve or Soft Seat Ball Valve?

November 21, 2017

You are faced with a myriad of options when choosing a ball valve. Materials of construction, the suitable size, and the right design. Such as just one piece, two piece or 3 bits ball valve; V-port ball valve or double block and bleed ball valve. These are all essential pieces to the puzzle. 

You’ll select as significant is the seat kind. Understanding your process requirements is your first step to selecting a seat for the valve. Will the fluid be corrosive? Be at high pressures or temperatures? Require? When you know these items, the decision is clear.

Soft Seat Ball Valves

Seats are usually made from thermoplastic materials like PTFE. They’re excellent for applications where exactly the tightest seal is important, and where chemical grip is crucial. But Soft seats aren’t suggested for process fluids that are dirty, or abrasive. Soft seats can break down into such circumstances, causing the valve to leak.

Metal Seat Ball Valves

The benefit of metal seated valves over soft seat valves is their ability to withstand severe service requirements and high temperatures. Metal seats exceeding 1,000°F and can withstand intense flashing, hydraulic shock process fluid, and high temperatures up to. They are also perfect for high corrosion or erosion applications. Coatings such as satellite facing, ultrasonic spray coating, chromium carbide and tungsten carbide can harden Metal chairs.

How to Choose the Right One

Through the world, The upfront Purchase cost of a metal seated ball valve is more than a soft seat ball valve. One ought to think about the cost of replacement and downtime of a soft seated valve. The metal seat may be favored by cost of ownership.
Your process requirements are key to determining the seat that is ideal. Speak with an engineer who’s well versed to help determine the optimal solution, if the choice is unclear.
Provide technical assistance on valves to municipalities and businesses Selecting a seat for your application? Ask us! We totally Understanding your requirement.

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